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FotoSan® Blue

FotoSan® Blue

• Killing bacteria with FotoSan® Blue agent in 10s / 30s
• Curing composites in 2s / 5s

Light Activated Disinfection

- Immediate effect
- Effective against a wide variety of microorganisms
- Dose dependent effect
- No immunizing effect
- May be repeated again and again
- No side effects

Curing composites

The FotoSan® Blue is a very powerful blue light. It cures all materials based on camphorquinone as
photoinitiator. Use 2s per layer of 2-3 mm in a composite build up and finish with 5s of curing on top layer.

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LAD quick guide

Apply the FotoSan® Blue agent Gel in the pocket after scaling. Using the perio tip, light 10-20s for each surface in the pocket. The time setting depends on the pocket depth.

Endodontic disinfection
Apply the FotoSan® Blue agent Liquid in the root canal after instrumentation and rinsing. Using the endo tip, light 30-60s in the canal. The time setting depends on how deep the tip goes into the canal, i.e. size of canal.

Profound caries
Excavate until safe distance from the pulp. Apply FotoSan® Blue agent Gel in the cavity and light 30s with blunt tip (4 mm) attached.

Apply FotoSan® Blue agent Gel on relevant gingiva and light 10s for every cm2 with blunt tip (8 mm) attached.