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"All dentists have seen insufficient polymerized plastic fillings. Usually it is on new patients in the clinic, telling their old dentist retired. But honestly, most doctors have probably seen one or two of their own composite fillings made many years ago, from before you got a new curing light in the clinic. We all know how technique-sensitive composite materials are. And it is really a shame that a perfect composite filling’s long-term durability stranded on something as banal as insufficient polymerization.

With the FlashMax2, under-curing is no longer a cause of failure, because
once you have experienced to light cure with a FlashMax2, then you are in
no doubt that a thorough polymerization has been obtained! And if you are a bit of a morphology- geek like me, then life becomes much easier with a FlashMax2. When making large composite fillings and 1 or 2 layers of composite have been applied at the bottom of the cavity (depending on the depth of the cavity), you can then build up each cusp in one layer of composite!

A curing time of 1 and 3 seconds almost sounds too good to be true. Personally I am the type who does treatments with belt and braces, so I always light cure each layer twice. I did the same with my old curing light, so the time saved by each composite filling can easily add up into several minutes.

Some colleagues have asked me, how I dare use such a powerful curing light? To them I always answer: How dare you not to?"

Dr. Rune Gravesen D.D.S.
Tandlægerne Herlev Bygade 2, 2.sal,
Klinikhuset i Allerød, Denmark
"There are few stars on the Danish dental sky - The FlashMax2 light is truly one.

As a clinician I am truly satisfied with my FlashMax2. I sleep better at night when I know the composites are polymerizered all to the depth. If there is something FlashMax2 can deliver, it is certainly a strong light and a setting of practically any composite.

Before FlashMax2, when we had a deep filling under the gingival, we had
to use a metal matrix. We have had patient cases where uncured
composite, to the matrix when removed. It led to rework or complicated adjustments. This is now history. With FlashMax2, even the deepest cavities are now polymerized 100%. In our dental office we always go for the safe solution and rather give 3 sec. more than necessary. It is no longer a time concern when the setting time is only 1 to 3 sec.

With a big and deep filling in the front, where access can be difficult and direct lighting from the lingual side is almost impossible we treat from the front or from the incisal side as step one. Even if we cannot get in direct contact with the composite the light is powerful enough to do the job.. The service and support from CMS Dental was impeccable, when we decided to change our light from FlashMax to FlashMax2 because of the advantages with the new light. Our only concern is to be careful protecting our eyes with a Cure Shield and that's where a good nurse is necessary.

I am proud to say that the light is manufactured in Denmark."

Dr. Einar Engen D.D.S., Odense, Denmark
"The Flash Max light has become a indispensable tool in my workday. The short treatment time has made it much easier to make small as well as big composite restorations. The reduced treatment time is in itself an advantage, and it offers me the option to spend more time on finishing the composite. It has made it even more gratifying to do composites."
Dr. Lars Roed Andersen D.D.S, Tandlægecentret,
Randers, Denmark
"With FlashMax I feel safer and achieve much shorter curing time doing the composites.

It is easing my day to day routine and I especially benefit with the procedure of making the larger molar fillings. Procedues that used to be quite time demanding and tiresome for the patients. 

We are all in the office very satisfied with FlashMax."

Dr. Kirsten Møhncke D.D.S., København Ø, Denmark
"During a period of 2 years I have with great pleasure used the FlashMax curing light. It has certainly made my life easier. A large molar composite filling can be made with a big time reduction. A A huge advantage for both patient and dentist.

A polymerisation depth of up to 6 mm gives you a nice certain feeling throughout the procedure. Of course you do not have to use this option and I myself typically use a layering techique of 2 mm followed by a  polymerisation of 3 sec. Even using this procedure there is much time to save.

I sometimes meet colleagues discussing curing lights. Some are concerned about the strong LED lights and the risc of overheating. They ask me if I am not concerned with the heat and to that I can say No I have never had any problems using the FlashMax curing light. And when I think back at old times when I spent 40 sec on each layer....?"
Dr. Henrik Rasmussen D.D.S.
Frederiksberg, Denmark
"I have used FlashMax since it was introduced to the market in 2007. 
I have to admit that I can not do without it. I do my composites much faster. When one of my colleagues are borrowing my FlashMax and I have to use one of the old ones, I am reminded of the big advantages of FlashMax and the good investment I made buying it.
It is strong and efficient and I do not have to sit and wait and wait. 
My FlashMax light is a super device, and it is my clear impression that the composites are well cured deeper and harder compared to all the other lights we have in the office." 

Dr. Caspar Boelsmand D.D.S.
Espergærde, Denmark
Curing lights