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Product One-Step Obturator™

The One-Step Obturator™ system

The One-Step™ Obturator is an obturator without a handle and rubber endo stop.

Instead of the handle you use a tweezer.  The tip of the tweezer is used to mark the working length. You place the tip at the plastic core at the already defined working lentgh. 

The One-Step Obturator™ is designed for dentisit who prefer to work with a tweezer to place the obturator in the root canals.  especially in the molars.

2 pcs of tweezers are included in the introkit with an angle of 100 and 135 degrees for optimal access to all root canals.

The shaft of the One-Step obturators is designed with grooves for each milimeter, to easily break them. Notice that you can only break the core when it has cooled.
The One-Step obturators are delivered in a carousel packaging where you open only one slot at a time to secure a high level of hygiene.
The length indicators are marked on the sides of the opening slot easy to use for rigth and lefthanded. 
It is easy to remove an obturator from the carousel, you simply hold the lower part of the packaging with one hand using the other to turn the upper part of the lid.
Use a tweezer to grasp around the obturator carrier and preset working lenght directly from the packaging.
On the top of the box you find a scale reference.
Color coded boxes each containing 20 obturators Now also available in two different assorted boxes.

The intro kit includes an assorted box with sizes #20-#60.

The assorted boxes are white and the size is printed on the side of the carousel indicating the position of the different size obturators. 
CE-Class IIA

One-Step Heater

The One-Step oven is identical with the heater used for Soft-Core. The only difference is the top having other slots. It can be removed and cleaned very easily as well as autoclaved.

There is room for up to 4 obturators to be placed in the insertions at the top of the oven. 

Press the start button when you have placed the obturator(s). After one minut a bip sound indicate that the obturator(s) are ready to use.

The obturatorers can stay warm in the oven for up to 15 minutes - saving you time. 

The oven has a start up heating time of 3 minutes to reach the working temperature. Leave the heater ON all day, it goes into standby mode and does not consume much power in this mode. Heating time from standby mode is still one minute.

You may switch off the heater at any time by pressing the ON button for 2 seconds and you hear 3 short beeps
Technical specifications In-put power: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Out-put power: 9V DC, 1,7A
EU plug is standard.  UK og US plugs are available.
CE-Class I






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