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Q & A Soft-Core® Endodontic Obturator and One-Step Obturator™

What is a Soft-Core Endodontic Obturator? An endodontic obturator is consisting of a central core made of bio-compatible plastic and a detachable color coded handle. The plastic core distributes heated gutta percha in the root canal, providing a tight seal. You leave both plastic core and gutta percha in the root canal. 
The core is covered by a layer of thermo plastic gutta percha which becomes very soft and highly adhesive when heated.
Is the Soft-Core gutta percha a conventional gutta percha?  Chemically yes, but physically no. The Soft-Core® gutta percha is a so-called "alpha phase" gutta percha, modified with a special heating process by the manufacturer. When heated, the gutta percha becomes soft and highly adhesive.
Is it possible to revise an obturator root filling? Yes of course and it is easy to do. You place a rotating file in a suitable size on the side of the plastic core in the orifice and start rotating counter clock wise. The file will grasp the core and loosen it from the guttapercha within seconds. 
The gutta percha is easy to remove afterwards.
How can I do the post preparation? Use the CoreRemover burr in the turbine or similar. You can choose water cooling. The CoreRemover is a smooth burr without cutting edges, thus working with frictional heat. A firm pressure against the core is recomended, press and activate 5 seconds, let go of the pressure and then activate 5 seconds and repeat until you have achieved enough space for the post. 
Isn't each obturator covered with too much gutta percha? Even though it can appear to be too much, the amount applied is to allow filling even the most severe internally resorbed or extremely long canals. The excess gutta percha will back flow into the pulp chamber. In some cases you will find it to be too much. If it is obvious that there will be an excess of gutta percha for the canal, use a sharp blade to trim some of the material from the coronal end of the central core prior to heating.
Is it safe to leave the plastic core in the root canal? Yes the plastic is biocompatible.
How much working time do I have after removing the obturator from the oven?  Generally about 30 seconds, which is sufficient time to insert the obturator into the root canal.
What is the setting time of the gutta percha?  The gutta percha cools and becomes rigid once again after about 3-4 minutes.
Can I remove the handle before the guttapercha is set? If you wish to remove the handle and metal insertion pin immediately after placement and before the gutta percha has cooled and completely hardened, you must first stabilize the plastic carrier with cotton pliers or endo forceps. Be careful to prevent vertical movement of the core to minimize the chance of disturbing the apical seal. Then remove the handle and insertion pin using a "watch-winding" motion as you work the pin from the plastic core.
Is post-operative pain more frequent when using Soft-Core Endodontic Obturators? No, root fillings with the Soft-Core Endodontic Obturator actually causes less post-operative pain than when doing any conventional gutta percha technique.