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Why Curing lights

There are at least three very good reasons to acquire a FlashMax P3 curing light.

Saved time 

Have you thought through how much time you will save?

Success rate

Higher intensity light gives you a higher degree of certainty of clinical success.

Work satisfaction

A good professional tool alwas increases working satisfaction.
Time saved Saving time is a obvious goal in itself. We recommend that the orange program is used for a large composite build-up, i.e. 1+1 sec per layer of 2-3 mm, and 3+3 sec on finishing layer. But how much time is it really that you save? If you compare to using one of the second best curing lights on the market, and we assume you make 5 fillings a day you save 1h 10 m per months.
If we compare it to a typically low cost LED light the same numbers are 5 h 20 m and 10 h 40 for 5 fillings a day! 
Success rate The high intensity not only saves you time, but is more importantly your guarantee that your fillings are always hard cured. Working in the mouth is always more complicated compared to laboratory studies, so if you are in doubt about the curing hardness, you simply light a few seconds more! If in doubt, as for any other tool or machine, excess power makes success easier.  
Work satisfaction Using a good tool makes any work more fun to make. But there is more to it. The higher intensity makes the composite surface so much easier to polish. Once you have tried it, you will never be able to make a composite filling without your FlashMax P3.






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