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Function FotoSan®

The FotoSan light has a unique feature: Intelligent automatic functions. It means that we have created programs to make the clinical application somewhat faster and easier for you.

In total there are three programs:  green, orange and red. See table.

The green is the manual use, one press on the button, one light cycle.

In the orange program one press gives two light cycles of 20 s on large buttons, and one 20 s on the small.

In the red program, you get 4 cycles each of 10 s from one push one the large button and 2 cycles from one push on the small button.
Uses  Large button Small button
30 s is used for endodontic desinfection. 
10 s is typically used per side of tooth for perio treatment.
When pockets are more than 6 mm deep, extra 10 s is administered. The orange program may be used.
The red program is used when multiple pockets are treated. Press only once per tooth and move the light around.






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