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The FotoSan® light

Battery type LiFePO4  
Nominal voltage 3.2V  
Nominal kapacity 1.200 mA  
Charging time 2 h  
User time Approx. 500 sec  
Out-put intensity 2.000-4.000 mW/cm2  
Wavelength spectrum 620-640nm, peak 630 nm  
Temp. protection of diode Yes  
CE-class I  

FotoSan® agent

The FotoSan® agent is available in three different viscosities and two different packages. For all, the active photosensitizer  is tolouidine blue O (TBO) in a koncentration of 0.1 mg/ml.
FotoSan® agent in syringes.
The prefilled syringes make it easy and fast to make the application. You attach an application tip (included) and can start immediately. Each syringe contains 1.2 ml. 5 syringes in a box, assorted or same viscosity.
FotoSan® agent in vials.
This is the most economical way to purchase FotoSan® agent. Each vial contains 6 ml. Use a thick needle to penetrate the rubber membrane and draw the required volume into a syringe. Use application tips for the clinical application. 


Viscosity Primary use Concentration of active ingredient
Low Endo 0.1 mg/ml
Medium Pockets/"sealing of canal"
High Surface/pockets
Extra High Surface






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