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Product Curing lights

A curing light is tool you use every day, and many times a day. When we designed the FlashMax P3 light we had that in mind. Making a perfect ergonomic tool, and yet desgn new functions that would further reduce your work load. How is that possible when the curing time is alreday the shortest possible, 1 & 3 sec? 
Well, it is down to automized functions, more under Function
Docking station with rubber feet.

Solid and stabile placement of light in a 360 degrees position. A magnet grip makes it easier to place the light and keep it in an upright position.
Disposable covers secure optimal hygiene.

The tips are attached with a firm push and rest in a small hinge, which means they can be moved  +/- 15 degrees. Tips are removed by being pushed forward out of the hinge


Blunt d 4mm Blunt d 8mm

Buttons and indicator diode

Indicator diode
The indicator dioden is visible from both sides. It emits greeen, orange or red light, constant or pulsing. 
The diode activity signifies charging status, light activity, thermal status etc. A complete description can be found in the manual.
Pen grip with two activation from both sides. You may turn aroun the light in your hand for optimal access to upper and lower jaw. The identical buttons on both sides ensure optimal ergonomics.






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