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The FlashMax P3 light exists in three different versions:  
FlashMax P3 460 4W Our standard curing light  
FlashMax P3 WS 4W A curing light with a broader emission spectrum  
FlashMax P3 Ortho A curing light with longer working time before cooling is needed
Features FlashMax P3 460 4W FlashMax P3 WS 4W FlashMax P3 Ortho
Battery type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Nominal voltage 3.2V 3.2V 3.2V
Nominal kapacity 1.200 mA 1.200 mA 1.200 mA
Charging time 2 h 2 h 2 h
User time Approx. 500 sec Approx. 500 sec Approx. 500 sec
Out-put intensity >5000 mW/cm2 >5000 mW/cm2 >5000 mW/cm2
Out-put spectrum 440-480nm  390-480nm 440-480nm 
Temp. protection of diode Yes Yes Yes
CE-class I I I
Min. number of repetitive 
cycles of 3 s before cooling
15 15 24
Electrical classification Class 2 (EN 60601-1:2006) Class 2 (EN 60601-1:2006) Class 2 (EN 60601-1:2006)
LED classification Class 2 (EN 60825-1:2001) Class 2 (EN 60825-1:2001) Class 2 (EN 60825-1:2001)






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