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Function Curing lights

The FlashMax P3 light has a unique functionality: Intelligent automatic functions.
It is designed to make it even easier and faster for you use the FlashMax P3 light in your daily rutine. In practice it means we have made three programs, called green, orange and red respectively. See table.

The green program is a manual use of the light, with 1 and 3 sec of light cycles. 

The orange program is a semi-automatic use of the light, where one press on the button will give you two light cycles with a short pause between.

The red program is fully-automatic use where the light will continue "shooting" light cycles untill you press again.
Uses  Large button Small button
The manual program used for curing small fillings.
The semi-automatic function is used for larger composite restaurations where two activationsof each layer makes sense.
The fully automatic function is used for bondingh brackets and other uses where repetitive cycles are usefull.
The FlashMax P3 WS version has same three programs, however cycles are 2 and 4 sec respectively.






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