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How FotoSan®

Periodontitis treatment

FotoSan® Agent is injected into the pocket using a syringe with an application tip. Choose the medium or high viscosity agent. Simply fill up the pocket. Use the short or long perio tip, depending on which is easier to work with. For pockets up to 6 mm in depth, light 10 s for each side of tooth.
For deeper pockets light another 10s for each 2 mm in depth. 

Endodontic treatment

FotoSan® agent  is injected into the root canal. Choose the low viscosity agent.  Use the endo tip and insert this into the canal as deep as possible without using force. Light for 2 x 30s. If, however, the tip does not extend approx. 2/3 into the canal, light another 30s.

Treatment tips

Endo After filling the canal with the low viscosity agent, you may seal it with the thick gel - avoid it to run out untimely.
Perio Pockets of around 4 mm may be treated from the outside using one of the blunt tips - after filling the pocket with agent of course. Light for 10 s per side.
Gingivitis Gingivitis alone or in combination with treatment of pockets should always be treated (also) using the one of blunt tips. Spread out the gel and use the blunt tip, remember to always have contact with gingiva. Light only 10 s per tip diameter as it may feel too hot for the patient. You may, however, use the 30 s setting, if you move the tip around. 
Perio When changing between tips several times, it may be useful to use two covers and change between those.

Clinical cases

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