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FlashMax and FotoSan®

In 1986 CMS Dental developed it's first laser. In 1990 CMS Dental started it's own production of lasers. Now CMS Dental has it's own production of Soft-Core, One-Step, FlashMax and FotoSan® all in Glyngøre Jutland in our 2000 m2 factory.

As part of the R&D with the FotoSan® project CMS Dental has obtained great expertise in the use of LED technology, available on the market. It has led to the development of another product a spin off the strong curing light FlashMax.

FlashMax is the strongest curing light on the market tested in 2010 among 20 most powerful lights by Clinician's Report.
Today our most innovative product is our latest invention FotoSan® a natural development of busines for CMS Dental from handling the laser technology in the very beginning to working with LAD. We are proud to offer a treatment tool such as LAD as an addition and alternative to traditional treament modalities. It is almost where it all began. With the new knowledge within this field we now know that the combination of light and a chemical has shown optimal effects in LAD. 

FotoSan® a product, consisting of two elements, an electronic device and a chemical.

The FotoSan® light, which is a very strong red LED and FotoSan® agent a chemical. FotoSan® agent is toluidine blue developed specially for dental use.

All lights are tested before they are released for sale. FotoSan® agent is heat treated to ensure shelf life.

Injection moulding

Battery technology

FlashMax & FotoSan® production  

Gutta percha production