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Battery technology

At the dental office a curing light is an important tool, used several times a day. It is important to the dentist that the light is reliable and strong. A strong light needs a top quality battery with a long lifetime.
CMS Dental has invested a lot of ressources in the search to find the best battery solution.

The ideal battery available on the market is a LiFePO4 (litium iron phosfate) battery. The battery is lso called a 3rd. generation lithium battery.

We have chosen this type of battery in FlashMax and FotoSan®, because it is the most reliable and long lasting. Furthermore it offers the highest level of security regarding explosion and short circuits . It can be used intensively without being damaged.

Everything is tested in Demark by an expert within this technology under conditons where the lights are exposed to a worst case situation.

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Battery technology

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