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FotoSan® Users

"With the introduction of FotoSan® into my practice five months ago this has empowered me with a fantastic weapon against infection and caries by way of Photo dynamic antimicrobial chemo therapy. The broad spectrum photo dynamic therapy is provided by way of the FotoSan® hand piece and the use of a photo sanitizer solution.

Using the FotoSan® has enabled me to be much more conservative with my cavity preparations. Soft dentine can be left in the cavity and the residual bacteria is killed.  Post filling sensitivity has not been an issue following these cases.

I have successfully treated pericoronitis, periodontal pockets, gingivitis, ulcerations of the soft tissue and routinely use it in all my endodontic treatments. This Light activated disinfection system has been a fabulous addition to my every day clinical practice. The FotoSan® has enabled me to carry out single visit root canal appointments. The technique is quick and provides an efficient way of sterilizing the pathogens in the root canal system once the tooth has been efficiently prepared. This has saved time for both me and my busy patients.

Every time I use the FotoSan® I charge a small fee and it has paid itself off now and is now generating income. I am more than happy with the FotoSan® system."

Dr. Garry M Rae BDS
General Dentist
West Coast, New Zealand

"Actually, it is no problem with the individual bacteria’s on the surface of a tooth – the challenge  is the ecology in the biofilm on the surface of a tooth, and the infected root canals. The FotoSan®-treatment destroys the slimy biofilm and leaves the tooth substance effectively and visibly cleaned in a way, which can be seen and felt immediately.

It is a very nice feeling to be able to disinfect root canals using FotoSan®. It is not as time consuming as an iodine treatment, and you avoid the risk of iodine discoloration.
Compared to laser treatments, Elyzol treatments and other antibiotic treatments I think that the FotoSan®-treatment is a less expensive and effective way to treat infections. Apparently, it also has a haemostatic effect.

Antibiotics do not easily penetrate the biofilms of most bacteria, but the FotoSan® treatment explodes the biofilm locally so that the individual components can be demolished effectively and without the risk of developing resistance to antibiotics."

Dr. Nimmi Holstein, DDS, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Light activated disinfection (FotoSan®) is a fantastic supplement to the conventionel perio treatment. Periodontal pockets with a loose attachment level will become firm after only a few FotoSan® treatments and pain is reduced immediately. My use of antibiotic treatment of periodontal conditions has decreased considerably. The treatment is much less expensive compared to laser treatments. I use FotoSan® in my endo treatments and pericoronitis, and it is standard procedure in all my perio treatments."
Dr. Mette Mop DDS, Denmark
"My personal experience with FotoSan® is so far limited to a few cases only, but still up till now I have seen advantages only. I have been using FotoSan® in periodontics, after scaling and root planning and experienced faster healing with little or less postoperative complications comparing the previous cases where FotoSan® had not been used. The most common usage for FotoSan® is of course endodontics. I have been using the light after the preparation of the root canal in order to desinfect the canal prior to obturation both with classical or One-Step Obturation system. I treated the case with root canal gangrena, using the FotoSan®, I managed to silence the symptoms, such as pain and discomfort."
Dr. Jure Poglajen, Slovenia.
"– certainly, definite results of treating root canals are possible to evaluate after one year, but this FotoSan® device definitely reduce all the symptoms before sealing, such as sensitivity, inflammations, exudation and so on." Professor  MU Dr. Markovska Ned, CsC.
University UPJS, 1.st dental clinic, Kosice, Slovakia
"We have used the FotoSan® system in our dental office for already 5 months, mainly for endodontic purposes and in treating deep caries. It´s justification was proofed also in treating teeths, which did not tolerate the root canal closure." MU Dr. Peter Dzupa, PhD

Cadca, Slovakia
"...contribution of FotoSan® to my praxis is that the number of complications after definite treating of root canals dropped dramatically, it means that the effect of atomic oxygen is evident. Same good results I experience in paradontology and in treating post-extraction wounds by alveolitis sicca." MU Dr. Dzugas Jozef,
"...quick, effective and practical method of treatment by oxygen radical in local application. It is painless and non-invasive method without risk of overdosing or damaging nearby tissues. Patients are accepting this treatment very well. Not time-consuming. Very effective in endodontics, periodontology and deeply prepared cavities, where it is not needed to excavate all infected dentin, which is close to the pulp." MU Dr. Kisza Igor
Poprad, Slovakia
”It is a real nice feeling being able to offer my PA patients treatments using FotoSan®. The treatment is painless, efficient and without any risks of developing resistance to bacteria and at the same time a treatment without any significant costs!” Connie Michelsen