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CMS Dental is a Danish manufacturer developing innovative dental products.

The company was founded in 1990. From 2011 CMS Dental moved the production to new premises in Jutland (Denmark).

CMS Dental develops specialised dental devices and materials for use in endodontics and periodontology.
As a R&D company CMS Dental has extensive ongoing studies, some already published or submitted and others still running in collaboration with some of the most reknown universities within this field.

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All CMS Dental's products carry a CE mark. The products are sold world wide by selected distributors.


CMS Dental's intention is to become a world leader within the field of LAD, a treatment improving the prognosis for patients with an oral infection.



CMS Dental aims to develop dental products that  improve therapeutic options, thereby giving the dentists a higher satisfaction in their work and  the patients a better quality of life.

CMS Dental aims to create a successful and profitable company benefiting the investors and employees.