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New Magazine on probiotics

Take a look at the new magazine from CMS Dental. The magazine is made primarily for the dental team. Articles on bacteria, probiotics, specific conditions, diabetes etc.

Click on the magazine to open as a PDF.

FotoSan® Blue

  • Curing composites in 2s / 5s
  • Killing bacteria with FotoSan® Blue agent in 10s / 30s

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New improved heater available now

  • Pre-heating time is reduced to barely 3 minutes – before approx. 20 minutes
  • Heating time of obturator remains 1 minute
  • Heats up to 4 obturators at the same time
  • Keeps the obturator(s) warm for 15 minutes
  • Stand-by function & automatic switch off after 9 hours

The change is ONLY on function and not design. Packaging and item numbers remains the same.

Oral health and a body in balance


Read the magazine from CMS Dental.

8 pages on positive bacteria and the use of probiotics. You can read it both as a health care professional and/or as a consumer.

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Parodontitis, gingivitis, halitose treatment


ProlacSan® - A dental probiotic 

Give yourself and your dental team this great opportunity to offer what is best for your patients.

ProlacSan® is a probiotic with Lactobacillus brevis and plantarum, which are beneficial to the oral flora and biofilm.

The product is controlled and used by dentists in the treament of periodontitis, gingivitis and halitosis.

Dr. Caroline Franco


FotoSan® patient cases

Case 1: Acute Apical Periodontitis with Soft Tissue Swelling

Case 2: Localized Periodontitis

Case 3: Deep-seated cavity with associated hypersensitivity

Case 4: Apthous Ulcer

Case 5: Dry Socket

Watch the clinical cases with FotoSan® presented by Dr. Caroline Franco 



Case video FotoSan®

Prof. Gianluca Gambarini and Dr.Gianluca Plotini from Sapienza University in Rome shows us with this video how the FotoSan® light is transmitted through the root canal. You see how they insert the blue chemical (FotoSan® agent) and afterwards activate the FotoSan® agent with the red light. The chemical kills the bacteria in the root canal.

The method is called Ligth Activated Disinfection (LAD) and it is very efficient in infection control within the dental field. The method is used within endodontic and periodontal treatments.

Link for YouTube


Case video FotoSan®

Dr. Cristiano Boggian, www.studiodentisticoboggian.it introduces FotoSan® 630 treatments showing some cases, and shows a video of a full endodontic treatment with FotoSan® 630.

FotoSan® 630 is the latest antimicrobial therapy, it is fast, efficient and totally without side-effects. It may be used for all oral cavity infections, periodontitis, periimplantitis and endodontic treatment as the most important.

Link for YouTube

CQ LIT - A light tester from CMS Dental

Finally a curing light tester on the market to test the strong LED lights.

A must have for all dental offices.

The CQ LIT can be used to test lights from 1000mW/cm2 to 6000mW/cm2.


News at IDS

CMS Dental introduced as always new exciting products. 

At the booth CMS Dental focused on the exciting new product line FotoSan® 1-2-3.

A LAD concept with ProlacSan® which is a new probiotic for dental clinics.

Another new product, CQ LIT, a light intensity tester, created a lot of interest and requests.

The popular FlashMax P3 the most powerful LED curing light >5000mW/cm2 is always a winner at the dental shows.



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